With the wisdom and perspectives gained, we are proud to guide organizations into the future with cutting-edge solutions and tailor-made strategies.
We are the direct result of years of passion, learning, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our Team

Our strength lies in the diversity of experiences we have cultivated. We come from a wide range of sectors working in leading organizations, including e-commerce, mobility, finance, music, entertainment, science, media, travel, creative agencies, video games, and education. In addition to having a core team, our experience has provided us with an extensive professional network, allowing us to access additional high-caliber talent as per our clients’ specific needs.

With this vast background, we are prepared to advise and accompany you at any stage of your project, guaranteeing adapted and avant-garde solutions that drive growth and transformation.


Brand Purpose

We catapult organizations into the future through digital acceleration and blockchain integration by launching products that generate value for the user.

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Discipline and Passion

Our team combines the discipline of art with the energy of passion, where every project is a work in progress. Beyond techniques and strategies, we make a difference with the dedication and enthusiasm we put into every task. It's not just what we do, but how and why we do it.


At Factor44, we are dedicated to the generation of ideas and strategy formulation, but we know that without execution, those ideas are nothing more than slides in a presentation. The true essence of our strategic creation lies in transforming those concepts into tangible realities. For us, execution is the real commitment to bring the vision to life and turn it into facts.


We believe in the power of "Sustainable Balance." This balance not only resides in our relationships with partners and clients but extends to our interaction with the community and humanity. Our commitment is to create and maintain lasting relationships based on harmony and mutual respect. We recognize that true, sustainable success comes from a carefully cultivated balance, where all parties involved benefit and prosper together.

Power to the User

Every solution or service we offer is strengthened and redefined by the value our users find in it. By putting users first, we give them the ability to influence, adapt, and maximize the tools and strategies we provide.

Human Progress

We infuse every initiative, project, or service we undertake with a higher purpose: to contribute to the growth and development of people. Whether by improving skills, expanding horizons, or simply facilitating more enriching experiences, we strive to leave a positive imprint on the lives of those we are and those around us.


Active entropy is our compass in a world full of complexities. Our vision allows us to identify patterns, understand underlying dynamics, and formulate precise strategies. We normalize chaos, understand it, and use it as a tool to build. We see it as an opportunity to activate solutions.


“Beyond the advanced solutions and the talent backing Factor44, our true engine is the passion and enthusiasm we infuse into every challenge. We partner with clients who resonate with our passions and interests.”

Gaston Calabresi,
Founder CEO & Chief Strategy Officer

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